Genesis is proud to offer SureSpec certified prime resins. The broad SureSpec portfolio includes Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Styrenics and Recycled Products. If you do not see a grade that matches your resin needs please contact us.

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Material Type
Product Class
Typical Process

SureSpec HD53-7000 HDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.953 70.0
SureSpec HD53-5000 HDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.952 50.0
SureSpec HD53-4000 HDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.952 40.0
SureSpec HD53-3000 HDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.952 30.0
SureSpec HD60-800F HDPE Polyethylene Extrusion 0.962 8.0
SureSpec HD60-800 HDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.963 8.0
SureSpec HD53-2000 HDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.953 20
SureSpec HD52-700 HDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.952 7.0
SureSpec HD60-70 HDPE Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.960 0.70
SureSpec HD55-30 HDPE Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.954 0.35
SureSpec HD55-30A HDPE Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.954 0.35
SureSpec HD45-30 HDPE Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.945 0.35
SureSpec HD51-06 HMW Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.951 0.06
SureSpec HD54-05 HMW Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.954 0.028
SureSpec HD50-10 HMW Polyethylene Blow Molding/Thermo 0.948 0.10
SureSpec HW50-001 HMW Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.950 0.10
SureSpec LD20-400 LDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.923 40
SureSpec LD20-250 LDPE Polyethylene Injection/Compounding 0.923 25
SureSpec LD20-050 LDPE Polyethylene Extrusion Coating 0.923 5.1
SureSpec LD20-040 LDPE Polyethylene Extrusion 0.922 4.0
SureSpec LD20-020C LDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.922 2.0
SureSpec LD20-020 LDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.919 2.0
SureSpec LD20-008 LDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.922 0.80
SureSpec LD20-004 LDPE Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.922 0.40
SureSpec LD20-002 LDPE Polyethylene Blow Molding 0.920 0.25
SureSpec LD20-080 LDPE Polyethylene Extrusion Coating 0.920 8.0
SureSpec LD20-070 LDPE Polyethylene Extrusion Coating 0.916 7.5
SureSpec LD20-120 LDPE Polyethylene Extrusion Coating 0.915 12.5
SureSpec LLC4-500 LLDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.926 55
SureSpec LLC4-200G LLDPE Polyethylene Compounding 0.924 20
SureSpec LLC4-200 LLDPE Polyethylene Injection/Compounding 0.924 20
SureSpec LLC4-020 LLDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.918 2.0
SureSpec LLC4-010 LLDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.918 1.0
SureSpec LLC6-500G LLDPE Polyethylene Injection/Compounding 0.926 50
SureSpec LLC6-500 LLDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.926 50
SureSpec LLC6-200 LLDPE Polyethylene Injection 0.924 20
SureSpec LLC6-008 LLDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.925 0.80
SureSpec LLC6-020 LLDPE Polyethylene Cast Film 0.918 2.0
SureSpec LLC6-010 LLDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.918 1.0
SureSpec LLSC6-007 LLDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.917 0.90
SureSpec LLSC6-010 LLDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.917 1.0
SureSpec LLC8-010 LLDPE Polyethylene Blown Film 0.920 1.0